Seven Fitness Tips For Beginners

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If you’re thinking of starting a new fitness regime, use these seven tips to get you off to a great start.

  1. Find a Workout You Love

You’re much more likely to stick to a routine if you find a form of exercise you love, or a few different types of exercise you love. It doesn’t matter whether its hiking, yoga, kayaking or CrossFit. The most important thing is to get active and choose something sustainable.

  1. Remember To Eat Healthy

A healthy diet is the first step towards fitness. If you’re going to the gym so that you can go home and eat a double cheeseburger with a 2-person serving of French fries, you won’t do your body any favours.

But healthy eating is like exercise. You’ll stick to it only if you enjoy it. So experiment to find some healthy foods that you find tasty and satisfying.

  1. Plan Your Routine

Plan out your new fitness regime and stick to it. Remember to include rest days and be realistic about how much time you can free up.

A weekly class or two can help, as can a regular appointment with an exercise buddy.

Stick to your schedule as much as possible so that you don’t slide into the habit of skipping your exercise sessions.

  1. Don’t feel like you have to go to the gym

It can be just as effective, more fun, and more sustainable to invest in some basic workout equipment and get active at home.

And by basic workout equipment, we don’t necessarily mean weights or other ‘gym equipment’. It could be a hula hoop, a rebounder, or some resistance bands. Keep it simple and find something you enjoy doing and can do it short 15-minute sessions when you’re pushed for time (see our Amazon store for ideas for workout equipment).

  1. Make A 100% Commitment

Dedication pays off. You can’t skip exercise sessions here and there, because you feel as though you deserve it. Plan when your rest days will be and stick to that. Even if you have a vacation planned, check out the local gym, or find some fun activities to try out in your new environment. Keep up with the healthy eating too.

  1. Don’t Let Preconceptions Put You Off

It’s easy to look at a female bodybuilder and suddenly panic if you’re a woman who is trying to lose weight and develop a petite and slender figure.

The reality is that it is incredibly difficult for women to bulk up like that; it requires a very specific exercise plan. Talk to a personal trainer about a plan that can help you reach your goals, or sign up for an induction at your gym where you’ll be helped to find exercises that will enable you to get the body you want.

  1. Keep It Simple

Start from where you are right now. In order to avoid injury and keep up your motivation, make sure that you familiarise yourself with the basics first.

Start off with some shorter sessions and then expand your workout as you become more confident and as your fitness levels start to rise.

If you’ve decided to learn a new sport or activity, find a beginners’ class and build your skills while getting fitter. You’ll probably meet some new exercise buddies along the way.

Starting to get fit doesn’t have to be a chore. Find a way of staying active that feels like fun, and a way of eating healthily that tastes delicious.

If you’re thinking of starting a new fitness regime, use these seven tips to get you off to a great start.

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