Here at Healthy Body, Happy Spirit we believe that health, happiness, food and fitness are all interlinked and interdependent. We’re here to share advice and ideas about how to stay healthy and happy and generally live life well. We aim to share thoughts and lessons we can all learn from wherever we are on our journey towards physical health and emotional well-being.

There’s a strong emphasis here on natural health and preventative strategies. On staying healthy rather than on treating disease. On listening to your body rather than stuffing it with medication. This does not mean we are anti-conventional medicine. We strongly advise anyone with health problems to consult a physician. In fact we encourage our readers to have regular check-ups and health assessments to ensure that any problems are caught early.

Proactively managing your own health and well-being is great, but it does not replace the advice of a qualified physician or other healthcare professionals. If you are inspired by the information on the site, please use your own best judgement in implementing it, and discuss your individual needs with your healthcare providers when needed.

Looking after yourself, physically and emotionally, by eating right, exercising regularly and adopting a healthy lifestyle, is the biggest and best gift you can give yourself and those who love you. It’s also the best chance you can give your body to fight back against any health problems you encounter as you go through life.

Enjoy your journey towards getting to know a healthier, happier version of you.