The Gifts I’m Buying All My Health Conscious Friends This Holiday Season

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Gift giving season is here again, but my friendship circle has changed. This year my focus has shifted and I’m spending time with healthier, happier, more positive people. Which is great, not least because I have some great ideas for their holiday gifts. If you’re looking for holiday gifts for health conscious friends, here are some of the options I’m considering. 

Yoga Dice from Zinsk

I spend more time with my yoga class than most other people these days. We don’t just yoga together. We sea swim and beach walk and drink a lot of coffee, tea, and smoothies together. With this set you roll the dice, put them in any order you like and flow through the poses. Great for your at-home yoga practice.

The Live Infinitely exercise ball 

I keep this one in my office and think everyone else should too. Perfect for taking a break, doing a quick exercise session, and rolling out those tired muscles. (And if these make you think of a previous labor or birthing experience, me too – but using one for every day exercise has actually helped me forget what was a quite traumatic birth!)

There are lots of ways to use these balls. If you’re not sure where to start search out some exercise ball workouts on YouTube. There are plenty to choose from, but I like this one for complete beginners.

An indoor herb garden

The Ivation 12-Pod indoor hydroponics growing system comes with a LED grow light and a  planter that’s attractive enough to be part of your home décor, even in the fanciest of homes. Give the gift of fresh, healthy herbs right through the winter (I’ve only used mine for herbs, but apparently you can grow some vegetables and even fruit as well).

Insulated water bottle with timed marks

Perfect for those you don’t want to spend a fortune on, as it’s less than $15. This could be the ideal stocking filler or secret Santa gift too. Most of us struggle to drink enough water each day, so the little marks that help you keep on track are a fun extra. It comes in different colours (including two-tone), is insulated to keep your water cold, and is BPA-free. Who doesn’t want the gift of a well hydrated body?

Smart Sips Coffee

Another budget friendly, potential stocking stuffer. This healthy (ish) coffee comes in different varieties, with no sugar, no carbs, no gluten, and hardly any calories, but a real punch of taste. All my coffee loving but healthy friends and family are getting this in their gift bundle this year.

To make it a more fun (and substantial) gift, I’ll be teaming this one with a high-quality coffeemug like this Slay the Day one or this Quietly Confident one. Flavoured hot chocolate options also available for your chocoholic friends.

A Scrumptious Pillow

You can’t buy a good night’s sleep, which is a shame because sleep is apparently ridiculously important. But you can buy a Scrumptious pillow (that’s actually what the pillow is called – not just my opinion of it). Specially designed by sleep experts, this pillow is supposed to be able to literally prevent neck pain.

It also claims to help reduce tossing & turning to enhance sleep quality, and is filled with cooling copper gel memory foam that makes it more supportive and durable, as well as cooler to sleep on. My partner’s getting this one (among others) because when he sleeps well, so do I.

A feet up trainer

I absolutely love this yoga inversion bench, known (by me and my friends anyway) as a feet up trainer. There are a ton of benefits to going upside down on a regular basis, from preventing dementia to avoiding grey hair.

A feet up trainer is a particularly good way to practice headstands and other tricky asanas, do general balance training and work on your core strength. They’re usually pretty expensive, but this is one of the more affordable ones, and is going to a special someone on my (very) nice list.

Looking for more gifts for the health conscious friends and family on your list? Check out our health and fitness store (or our specialist yoga store for your yoga loving friends). They’re both powered by Amazon, and you can shop there using your regular Amazon account. Check them out.

Gifts for healthy friends

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