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How Getting Fit Can Make You Happier

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Did you know that getting fit and staying in shape can actually make you happier? And, conversely, there’s evidence that happier people tend to be healthier, meaning there’s a potential positive spiral going on here.

While it won’t work for everyone, some sufferers find that mild to moderate chronic depression can be overcome, or at least lessened, with regular exercise, and feeling physically fitter can make dealing with emotional problems and managing anxiety less difficult.


Getting Fit Can make you happier


Aside from helping you with mental health issues, regular exercise and other fitness activities can of course, help you return to your natural body weight, and are great for your heart and circulation.

Most fitness experts will tell you that a brief, brisk half hour walk immediately makes you more alert. And intense physical activity of any kind actually stimulates certain brain chemicals which cause you to feel happier and more at peace. Exercising outside in nature can have a double benefit as a connection with nature can also help with mood swings and mild depression.

Of course, there also self-esteem benefits which make you feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror and see how all your hard work is paying off. One of many keys to becoming happier is regular exercise and dedication to your fitness goals. This includes ensuring you are drinking lots of water throughout the day, and changing your lifestyle to include a healthy diet.

WebMD suggests that getting fit can make you happier, and it all has to do with chemicals called endorphins. These wonderful little natural mood boosters actually talk to your brain, and help reduce your perception of pain.

And these endorphins are released in great quantities when you exercise for an extended period of time. Have you ever experienced a euphoric feeling after an intense workout? Long-distance runners call it the “runner’s high”. This is due to the massive release of endorphins in your body, which drastically and quickly cause a happier and healthier outlook.

Produced in your spinal cord, brain and other parts of your body, these chemical good guys also act as sedatives. However, unlike chemical sedatives such as morphine, there is no unhealthy addiction or dependence created when your body is flooded with these miraculous stress relievers.

Regular exercise of even mild intensity levels can promote positive self-esteem, help lessen feelings of depression, and can even improve your sleep patterns.

Your outlook on life is always better when you feel good about yourself, and the chemical process already hardwired into your physical makeup ensures that you feel happy and energized after a workout.

You knew that getting fit and losing weight would help your heart, lower your blood pressure and improve your strength and body tone. But it’s definitely worth considering that your body is chemically aligned to make you happier when you exercise. It’s just one more great reason to start a regular fitness program.

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