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There are so many health benefits to sipping on smoothies. They’re a great way to boost your fruit and veggie intake, easy to consume on the go, and a great way to sneak a lot of healthy ingredients into your diet that you might not consume in other ways.
It’s simple to get into the habit of a daily smoothie, especially if you invest in a good smoothie maker. Making your own is usually preferable to buying them. Some of the smoothies you buy cheaply at fast food outlets might not be as healthy as you think. In fact they could be full of sugar and don’t have any of those secret ingredients that make your smoothie super healthy. High quality smoothies from health food cafes and juice bars probably do, but can be very expensive.

So which are the best smoothie makers on the market?

One cup smoothie makerA lot depends on your budget.

Best budget single serve smoothie maker


Hamilon Beach Personal Blender

I used this super cheap single serving smoothie maker for two years before I got really serious about my smoothies, and it served me well. It may not be as high quality as other pricier models but it is an excellent version of what it is.

When I was using this smoothie maker I was a smoothie newbie, and not particularly adventurous. I was mostly using berries and other soft fruit, and I wasn’t yet a smoothie-a-day girl, never mind a multiple smoothies in one day girl.
It’s probably not high enough quality to stand up to heavy use, especially if you’re blending hard fruits and veggies, but as I say, it lasted a good two years of being used a few times each week and I absolutely loved the fact that I could simply blend then remove the cup, which worked as a travel cup for my commute or to sip on while I went for a walk or took my kids to the park.
The best part? The price! At the time of writing this smoothie maker is available direct from Amazon for under $15 and I’ve seen other retailers offer it via Amazon at as little as $10. If you’re a newbie just getting started with smoothie making and don’t want to spend much on your first smoothie making appliance this is just perfect.

Best super affordable smoothie maker

Oster Beehive Smoothie MakerThe Oster Beehive is a great smoothie maker if you’re moving on up and a cheap, simple one cup smoothie maker isn’t working for you anymore.
It has 2 speeds, a quality blade and the ability to deal with harder fruits and veggies. The glass jar is easy to clean and big enough to blend a decent amount of smoothie. I stepped up to this one after my cheap one cup smoothie maker started to have trouble with the range of things I was blending and after I got my entire family into morning smoothies and needed a bigger capacity.
The jar is made out of glass and is relatively easy to clean. It may still struggle with frozen items, but for the price, it’s a fantastic piece of equipment. I’ve seen it available from Amazon for as little as $59.99

Best Smoothie Maker – Money no object

This is the smoothie maker that health nuts the world over have blender envy over. Vitamix have arguably created the highest quality blender available to buy as a consumer good (they also manufacture the top blenders used by professional chefs all over the world).
Whether you’re making a daily smoothie, going on regular juice fasts, or making healthy soups and sauces, this is all you need. You can throw in hard veggies, whole fruits, frozen items or accidentally drop an iPhone in here and it will blend in no time.
The drawback? Definitely the price! At the time of writing this blender was retailing at over $450 on Amazon. You can shop around for offers but good luck finding them. I was silly enough to think one might come up second hand if I searched around, but I was wrong. The word amongst the smoothie addicts and juicers of the known world is that once you get a Vitamix, you’re unlikely to part with it.
If you’re ready for a big investment in juicing, blending and smoothie making, order your Vitamax now. If not, put it on your wish list anyway. It really is worth the price if you get to the stage where you’re using your blender/juicer/smoothie maker constantly.

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